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Jandia Natural Park, the most Southerly area on the Island, is located at the Southern tip of the municipal district. Here you can visit the coastlines of Barlovento, the impressive landscape of Cofete; as well as the coasts of Sotavento, their cliffs and beaches and eat the magnificent fish caught locally.
There is the Cardon Mountain, some 20 km away, located to the North of the isthmus called La Pared. It is really beautiful as well as being the highest peak in the area, here you will find fresh water springs and goats grazing (coastal goats) and a popular "romeria" is held there in June.
The Barranco de las Peñitas, about 5 km from the town, is geological wonder produced by the underwater explosions that formed the land for one of the oldest islands of all.
In Ajuy, just 9 km away, you can visit natural caves, the beach, the natural harbour for small craft and taste the fish in its restaurants.